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The Importance of the Site Visit

The Importance of the site visit

Many tax relief claims do not require any physical visits, so we understand that you may have questions about what happens when we send a team member to your commercial property as part of the Embedded Capital Allowance claim process.

We take pride in how we conduct client property site visits. We believe that a properly conducted and recorded site visit is key to a successful and well-founded Embedded Capital Allowance Claim.

It is therefore essential that the site visit is conducted in a professional manner by a suitably experienced team member. When you instruct Property Tax Refund Centre to undertake an Embedded Capital Allowance Claim on your behalf, we will send one of our team to your premises to conduct a site visit.

Why is a site visit needed?

It takes specialist knowledge to identify the items within a commercial property that qualify as part of an Embedded Capital Allowance claim. As such, without a site survey there is the potential of missing vital items from your claim.

What happens at a site visit?

Our team will come prepared with the necessary documentation and will ensure that a comprehensive record is kept of any findings during the visit. We take great care to make sure that the site visit is conducted professionally and to the highest standard.

We spend the time required time on site to ensure we miss nothing. We understand that an Embedded Capital Allowance claim is vital to your business and will therefore make sure we spend the right amount of time on-site conducting a thorough review and taking any relevant information, so may be there for multiple hours. The tour will be properly documented using our Survey Tool and our team members will take photographs and record all their findings.

If you have any questions or would like more information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I get started?

Just contact us however you feel most comfortable and we will be in touch to get the ball rolling.


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