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Capital Allowance Claims for Doctors Surgeries and Medical Centres

Doctors Surgeries and Medical Centres aren’t just buildings full of patients, doctors, nurses and practice staff.

They are chock full of fixtures, fittings and bits of kit that make them fit for purpose to provide outstanding care. That is why businesses and practitioners who own their own properties can benefit so much from doing a Capital Allowances claim.

Capital Allowances are a tax relief which incentivise business owners to improve their commercial properties. They have been around since 1878 and they are not a scheme or any form of avoidance. They provide a relief expenditure incurred to improve a commercial property. Any item of expenditure which provides ongoing benefit to the business can qualify for relief.

Within a surgery or medical centre valued at £1,000,000, there may be as much as £350,500 in unclaimed Capital Allowances. For a building owned by an individual or partnership that equates to a tax refund or future saving of as much as £96,000.

Doctors Surgeries and Medical Centres will contain numerous items that will qualify as claimable under the Capital Allowances Act 2001. The kind of items which can be claimed for are:

  • Reception Desks

  • Heating and Ventilation Systems

  • Air Conditioning

  • Electrical Systems

  • Nurse Call Alarms

  • Suspended Ceilings and Partitioning

How do I claim?

The first stage is a consultation with one of our team which can be in person, over the phone, or online. If we agree that it is likely you will be able to make a claim, then we will make an appointment for a specialist surveyor from our partner account firm to come and see the surgery or medical centre. They will list every item which qualifies for an allowance and send the results to a tax accountant. They will then write a report for your accountant to submit to HMRC. The process takes 8-12 weeks and you pay 5% of the allowances found and you only pay on success.

How do I get started?

Just contact us however you feel most comfortable and we will be in touch to get the ball rolling.


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