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River Thames, London

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Water Audit

If you pay more than £5,000 on your business water usage per year you may be able to join the UK businesses who have already claimed back £45 million in overpaid water bills and charges.

You could join businesses like these that have benefited from the service.

  • A Communications company received over £30,000 in refunds. They are now saving £5,000 per year on their bills and rates.


  • A Car Dealership was refunded over £30,000. They are now paying £5,800 less per year on their bill and rates.

How long does the process take?

The process takes 4 months and all we need are your last 12 months’ water bills to find out if you have a claim.

When do you pay?

You only pay on success and, if you qualify, you will continue to benefit in the future from lower water bills.

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Employee Benefits Platform

The Employment Platform protects your business from employee risk, gives your employees £1,300 of benefits and you receive 1% of your payroll back as a rebate.  All at no cost to you.​

The Platform will offer your employees:

  • Discounts at supermarkets, attractions, and electronics retailers (including Apple).

  • Discount on major lifestyle brands.

  • Access to health and well-being services such as access to a Therapist or Private GP.

  • An Ethical Facility allowing them advance access to funds (No Interest/Fixed Fee)


All of the above costs your business nothing and costs your employees nothing. You also get the equivalent of 1% of your salary bill back into your account every month.

How will the Employment Platform deliver value to your business?

  • The structure manages your employee risk by moving them to a new entity but keeps you in control.

  • Your employees benefit from a best-in-class benefits package worth £1,300 per year.

  • Your business benefits from a rebate of 1% of your monthly payroll.

  • You work on a rolling 30-day contract.


 If you have bought Business Electricity or Gas through a Broker you could be in for a windfall refund!

Why is this happening?


Legislation has recently changed which means that brokers who did not clearly state the commissions they were making could be liable for paying it back.

What does this mean to you?

It means that, if you bought business gas or electricity from a broker in the last 22 years then you could be due a refund

What can you do about it? 

Contact us today to start your claim and join these businesses that have benefited:

  • An engineering company claimed back over £1.1 million on 6 years of energy spend.


  • A pub increased a £30,000 claim to a £70,000 claim where historical spend was brought into the process.

Energy Claims

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